Giveaways for Events-2021 Event Giveaways Ideas and Trends

Giveaways for Events-2021 Event Giveaways Ideas and Trends

You have already planned a great promotional or trade show event, good music, the best venue, top-notch speakers, and networking strategy. One problem though, you are stuck in deciding what is the best event giveaway prize to give your attendees? “Stuff We All Get”(Swag) and promotional items are the best way to keep your business in the attendees' minds long after the event is over.

Not all giveaways are cherished by attendees; some end up being of no value. So what makes your promotional items valuable to your conference attendees?

5 Traits to Consider when Selecting your Promotional Items

The main goal of a trade show or promotional event is to attract your attendees and convert them into customers. The purpose of event giveaways or swag is to build and increase your brand awareness such that your attendees will look into your products and services when the need arises.

However, choosing the best promotional items must be strategic so as to develop a budget-friendly product of quality and value to your attendees. The following are factors to consider when making that strategic selection:

Extraordinary and memorable– choose an event giveaway that will make your attendees remember your brand. Most brands put their logos on the products. You could also produce the gift with colors or design that relates to your brand. For instance, you can decide to offer the guests an attractive mug from Newport Chowder Company.

Quality: For your promotional giveaways to be valuable, it has to be of high quality. You don't want your gifts to end up in the trash. As you choose the giveaway, check on your budget. You don't want to invest a lot in swag when you are not guaranteed if the attendees will turn out to be your customers.

Sharable and relevant: Some people pass on their swag once they are done using them. Select a product that an individual can pass on or gift someone if they actually don't need it.  

Inspiring and Creative: Choose a fun gift, something that would inspire or provoke positive action. For instance, a gym mat would encourage one to keep fit.

Durable: Select a long-lasting gift that will remind your attendees of your brand for years. Remember, the goal is to create a lasting relationship with them.

Top Ten Events Giveaways for an Event to Consider in 2021

With the pandemic, companies have started switching from in-person events to virtual promotional events with great speakers, networking opportunities, and goodies. The following is a list of creative, inspiring, and outstanding event giveaways that you should include in your goodies bag in virtual or in-person events during this pandemic.

Newport Chowder Company Seafood Chowder Spices

First on our list is the mouth-watering Newport Chowder Company's chowder spice packets.

The Spice Packets include Muriel's award-winning seafood chowder recipe and serve 10-12 people per packet. The spices are shelf-stable and a great kitchen staple because they are delicious in more than just our chowder. Purchase Spice Pack and enjoy the taste of Newport, Rhode Island.




Journaling has become part of our routines, especially with the Covid 19 pandemic and the social restrictions. We journal every day as we plan, make to-do lists, and pour our feelings. Journals are common among the younger generation, but also older professionals use journals for work purposes. Gift your attendees with a professional executive journal or a creative fancy one.

Wireless earbuds or headphones



The world is turning to electronic devices; with the rise of virtual events, and internet communications, headphones, and earbuds are becoming essentials tools. Gift your attendees with branded wireless earbuds or headphones that are of quality.  

Webcam cover

Show your attendees that you care about their security and privacy by gifting them a webcam cover that works on all devices such as laptops, computers, and other monitors. You can customize the webcam's cover to the exact design of your choice.

Power bank



With the virtual events and meetings, you want to gift your attendee with something valuable that will definitely help. A power bank is a useful and perfect gift for remote workers. You can also brand the power bank by engraving your logo. The attendees can enjoy the meeting as they relish a chowder of their choice.

Fitness Mat/ Resistance band

Inspire your attendees with fitness equipment such as a mat or a resistance band. Fitness is one activity that everyone includes in their routines, especially in work-at-home situations. People are also working out to relieve stress and become more productive.

Face masks

Face masks


Face masks have become an essential item and mandatory to wear in public in some parts of the world. Show your attendees that you care about their wellbeing and encourage them to take precautions by gifting them this essential item of this age. It is also possible to brand them and make them fancier but also protective.

Wearable swag

This is definitely one of the ways to hook your attendees into knowing your brand. Giving a free branded t-shirt, cap, or hood shows that you care and love them. These products should be unisex and should perfectly complement a variety of outfits.

Snacks and Drinks 

Your attendee would not mind a virtual event snack box for your attendees to grace the event. Corporate events before Covid times often would include food and drinks to keep guests happy and full. Deliver these essentials even if the event is online; this will definitely keep them motivated.

Product Samples

If your product is tangible, it would be great to gift your attendees with samples. This will be an opportunity to show off your merchandise and get customers or feedback.

Tech-Focused Gifts

These are gifts that can help us get more out of products we already rely on, such as mobile phones. A smartphone wallet is a common trend in corporate giveaways. Other tech-focused gifts that are really becoming handy now are phone holders, chargers, and a wireless mouse.

The Right Swag bag

There are many more giveaways ideas for corporate goodie bags, trade shows, and promotional conferences. These items can also be stocked in a swag bag that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees. They include:

  • Smart wallets
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Reusable or Disposable Water Bottles
  • Mobile Device Chargers
  • Seasonal Items
  • Umbrellas
  • Notebooks
  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Backpacks
  • Car accessories
  • Tote bags (or shopper bags)

Summing Up

Giveaways need to be unique and thoughtful in a manner that proves you have given it a thought. That's why you need a giveaway such as the Customized Newport Chowder Spice Packets which are rich in beneficial nutrients.

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