Wedding Favors For Guests

Wedding Favors For Guests



Weddings are one of the most remarkable events in our life. It's a moment of happiness where you look forward to enjoying and sharing the beautiful moments with family and friends.

But as you treasure the moment, it's important to remember the most simple and little things that make the moment worth remembering. Wedding favors are a great way to convey gratitude to your friends and family during your wedding day.

There are numerous wedding favors to choose from. However, it can be very tricky to choose the best wedding favors. A good wedding planner might be the best option to go with for perfect wedding favors. Getting a wedding planner can help come up with unique wedding favor ideas that are suitable for your wedding guests and wont harm your pockets.

Wedding favors should be able to fit all your wedding guests' demography. This means you would want to consider wedding favors suitable to all different ages. You can also opt for something that reflects your personality, one that matches your wedding theme or even a practical wedding favor.

Newport Chowder Spice Packets

Best wedding favor guests will love

This spice pack by Newport Chowder Company is something worth going for. It's the best wedding gift in Newport, RI; as a matter of fact, most people chose it as the best gift and favor in 2021 by Newport Wedding Magazine.

If you want to make lasting memories, our spice packets are the best gift, thank you tokens, and wedding favors you could give to your friends and family. If you are looking for a long-lasting impression of your special day, then the Newport chowder spice packs are something very commendable.

Additionally, the spice packets also come with Muriel's award-winning seafood chowder recipe, which is so delicious. I'm sure you don't want to miss this greatness.

Spice packets are a perfect favor for your guests on your big day. They can have custom labels with names and wedding date. To achieve your dream destination wedding favors, Newport Chowder Company offers customized wedding favors.


Examples of Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love in 2021

Everyone wants to make their wedding day memorable and something worth remembering. Don't allow your guests to leave empty-handed after the wedding receptions. Wedding favors play a significant role in how your wedding guests will remember your wedding day. To show your overwhelming love and gratitude, you can choose a good wedding favor idea to give your family friends.

Here is a list of wedding favor ideas you might want to consider.

Favor Bags

With favor bags, you would want to pay attention to your wedding details. You would love to consider favor bags that match your wedding's theme. Other than that, there are many individual wrapped food items and other sweet treats inside that are perfect additions to your favor bags.

Some of them might include:

  • Candle
  • Scented soap
  • Chocolate

This can be an excellent go-to option for the ultimate ending to the perfect day.

Olive Oil

Olive oil bottles are the perfect wedding favor gifts. They are a great favor especially for a Greek wedding.

Flip Flops

Please give them a breather by buying flip flops in all sizes to use in case their feet start hurting. This is not only a perfect wedding favor but can be a good souvenir to use at home. For destination wedding favors such as a beach wedding, it will serve as a good reminder of your wedding.

Mini Bottles

Mini bottles could be a great wedding favor idea to serve as a souvenir given its diverse uses. Your guests can use them to keep the hot sauce or maple syrup.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is probably the most creative gift you could give to your guests to always remember you. It's pretty apparent people use bottle openers to open their drinks, but this might be a different experience for your guests as this will act as a reminder of your special day to them.

Personalized Fans

A colorful handmade fan can be a unique gift for wedding favor ideas on your big day. They can be used by your guests as a photo booth prop or to keep the guests cool after the dance floor hit especially if it's a summertime wedding.

Hand Sanitizer

It should be your priority to give your guests a mini bottle of sanitizer to ensure their safety. A hand sanitizer with custom labels is a gift showing care gratitude to your guests.

For The Kids

Kids can never miss such a big day, including all ages in your plan is very thoughtful. A gift is a great deal for a kid at your wedding, you can make cute and sweet gifts with that extra special touch. Wedding favors for kids could include crayons, coloring books and they will remember your wedding for the longest time in their lives.

Bottle Of Wine

Serving your guests with a bottle of wine is an excellent deal for your special day. Everyone will ask you about the delicious wine you served during your wedding day, so it would be great for you to gift as well. Wrap each wine bottle in material or bag that goes with your wedding theme. For guests who don't take alcohol, you can get their favorite drinks

Importance Of Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are of great sentimental value. They are meant to create lasting memories and lasting impressions. As much as you put much effort into planning your wedding, you should also make some exceptions on your wedding favors.

Favors are meant to elate your family and friends, and they are known as the essential part of your wedding. I'm sure you want your wedding to be remembered for the longest time and the memories to remain between your family and friends.

Here is an overview of the importance of wedding favors

They Are Token Of Appreciation

From showing support to your wedding to lighting up the dance floor, your wedding guests play a significant role in making your big day as remarkable as possible. They help you make memories that you will remain to cherish forever.

So, to appreciate their massive support and as a gesture of gratefulness for attending your special day. Giving your guests well-executed wedding party favors is a great way to express your love and value.

Wedding Party Favors Are A Memento Of The Occasion

The moments you share with your friends are meant to be treasured. Therefore, giving meaningful and elegant wedding favors to your guests is a very incredible idea. Party favors play a significant part in making an exciting souvenir. Your guests will always treasure the little gifts that act as a reminder of the beautiful moments you shared. For instance, all the lovely memories will always gush out whenever your guests light up a candle or use the bottle opener you gave them on your wedding day.

Its Regarded As A Tradition

Wedding favors are regarded as a long-standing tradition across the world. Over the past few years, wedding favors have evolved into something a little modern, but all in all, the concept remains, which is wishing your guests the best for the days yet.


Saying thank you to all your guests who attended your wedding day is something that should never go unsaid. Typically all your guests made an effort in one way or another. It may have involved hiring someone to watch their kids while they come to share the happiness with you, finding accommodation or even buying new clothes.

Summing Up

All special occasions require something that brings out the memories. From bridal showers to party favors, Therefore, it's essential to consider some of the party favors that best suit your event. The Newport Chowder Company offers excellent wedding gifts, and you can use them on any special occasion. It's also straightforward to search for the available products and place an order on their websites.

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