Unique Wedding Favors in Newport, RI

Unique Wedding Favors in Newport, RI

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. You get to celebrate this day with people who are the most intimate and special to you. After an epic wedding party, you may want to give your guests something special as a symbol of gratitude.

There are a wide variety of wedding favors to choose from. However, it can be overwhelming to choose a unique gift that is easy to make or affordable to match your wedding. You also want to consider your guests' demography to have gifts that will fit guests of all ages.

As you choose your wedding favor, you can get something personal guests can use, inspiring, delightful, and eco-friendly, that reflects your personality and wedding theme, that will always remind your guests of this beautiful day.

Your wedding day is beautiful and unique, so should your wedding favors. We have made you a list of the most unique and creative wedding favors in Newport, RI. But before that, let's look at the importance of gifting your guests after your wedding day.

Importance of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an essential feature of your wedding day. It is a way to show your guests that you are grateful and glad that they are present. The following are reasons why you should include wedding reception party favors in your wedding plan:

A Token of Gratitude

This is the primary purpose of the wedding favor. You gift your wedding guests to thank them for making time to come. Your friends and family have definitely been part of the planning, and also the big day. They have purchased outfits, traveled to be with you. Wedding favors are a way to express your gratitude, love, and that appreciation. You can include a small special message for each guest in the wedding favor.

Enhances your Reception Decoration

Every detail of your wedding is crucial to ensure everything is exceptional. Particularly your decoration should reveal your creativity in design, style, and colors. Adding a unique wedding favor idea elevates your décor to another level. Add a perfect wedding favor that sits elegantly on your table setting, creating an attractive visual appeal. Use appealing decorative accessories to make it more exciting and engaging to your guests.

It is a Tradition

Gifting your guests after a wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower is a custom practice that has existed for a long time around the world. The favors are given mainly as a sign of gratitude, and usually, they are accompanied by a tag with a special message, the wedding date, and the name of the couple. This is a traditional practice that is worth following even with modern trends.

Creates Lasting Memories

Wedding Favors will not only make your guests feel welcome, but also they will leave a lasting impression. Each time they use or see your gift, they are reminded of you and the precious memories of your special day. The gifts will elevate your wedding guests' experience at your wedding. They will be able to share your beautiful story on a much deeper level.

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas In 2021

It can be impossible to express your overwhelming love and gratitude to your friends and family by words for their support in your wedding. Show them your love by giving them a thank you gift that is inexpensive, simple, unique and that your guests will actually be excited to take home.

The following are varieties of the most unique wedding favors ideas at Newport, RI.

Personalized Hand Sanitizers 

During this COVID 19 period, giving your wedding guests personalized mini bottles of hand sanitizers shows them that you prioritize their health. This favor is perfect because you are confident they are going to use it. Accompany it with a tag with a personalized message expressing your appreciation. 

Custom Seed Packets

Gift your guests' customized seed packets as personalized wedding favors. You can have these packets packed in unique favor bags. Seeds are generally a symbol of growth and harmony. As the plants grow, they will be reminded of your thriving union and of the beautiful wedding. Wrap the packet with a customized gift wrap and attach a beautiful message card.


Lanterns are adorable gifts to anyone. You can purchase personalized lanterns with beautiful messages or photos on them or personalized labels. Lanterns are durable and ideal, especially for an evening outdoor wedding. You can tie a card with guest's names and special messages on them. Place them on reception tables to add that beautiful illuminating ambiance. 

Popcorn Boxes

You can make customized popcorn boxes that have your names and the date of your wedding. Place them next to a popcorn maker or place pre-filled boxes on the reception tables for the wedding guests.  

Chocolate Bars

Gift your guests chocolate bars customized with different colors and labels. You can also customize the color of the paper tags and shape to make your gift more sophisticated and personalized.

Wedding Flip Flops

Make it easier for your guests to dance at your reception party by giving them fancy comfortable flip flops.

Game Cards

If you and your partner love playing cards, you can gift your guests your favorite game cards. Customize it to your own liking and attach instructions on how to play. Include a thank you message for your guest expressing your gratitude and what playing cards mean to you. 

Bottle Openers

Since everyone can always use bottle openers, place them on your reception tables for each guest. Customize them and make them super unique for one to carry them home.


A vase with wedding flowers is the perfect way to ensure your wedding guests bring home a part of your big day. These flowers can be placed on the reception tables and attach a tag with a special message for each guest.

For the Kids

You will definitely have kids' at your wedding party. Make cute and sweet gifts and place them at the kids' table with a little message of gratitude. This could be a pack of crayons, coloring books, and a pair of cute colorful shades. The kid will remember your wedding forever. 


A lot Of people love art and creative stuff. Support your local artisan by purchasing their artwork and gifting them to your guests. This is a perfect gift for it is durable, and it can also be customized to your liking. 

Newport Chowder Spice Pack

Image Source-https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0525/9480/2856/files/1_720x.png?v=1620244506

Newport Chowder Spice Pack

This spice pack by Newport Chowder Company is the best wedding gift in Newport, RI. In fact, it was voted as the best gift and favor in 2021 by Newport Wedding Magazine.  

Our award-winning seafood chowder spices have been a family secret since 1985. More amazingly, Our customizable spice packets are the perfect corporate gift, wedding favor, or thank you tokens. Leave a lasting impression of your beautiful day by gifting your wedding guests with this spice pack. 

The packet comes with Muriel's award-winning seafood chowder recipe that serves 10-12 people. These spices are shelf-stable and a great kitchen staple because they are delicious. Newport Chowder is located at Goat Island in Newport, Rhode Island.

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