Shrimp Chowder

Shrimp Chowder

Great meals keep us healthy, strong and improve our overall mood-and the chowder shrimp is not exempted. This meal is not just delicious, it is absolutely tasty when prepared with the right chowder spice. It has a rich flavor that gives you the perfect yummy and original taste that spice up your day.


What is Chowder Shrimp?

Chowder Shrimp (or shrimp chowder) is considered to be a variant of chowder itself which is a kind of dish often made with cream or milk and thickened with a roux or a broken cracker. The creamy texture of chowder shrimp is obtained from the heavy cream used in the preparation process.


There are different chowders available. These include the common clam chowder and the popular corn chowder which is made from heavy cream and corn kernels (without the corn cobs). Sometimes, chicken stock is usually added to the corn kernels to improve the overall taste.


Some of the times, I've had people ask me; "Is it just the New England clam chowder?", "how do I step up my Clam chowder game? ," or "Do I stick to just the corn chowder?" I always advise shrimp chowder. Few people go ahead to ask, "what's the shrimp chowder recipe?", " Are they also great recipes?".


This particular chowder is just what I think you might want to try, if you're just starting out on the chowder game, looking to step up your game or whichever chowder category you belong to.


Generally, there are four major ingredients of chowder shrimp, Sea food (shrimp ) - the main ingredient, the seasoning, liquid - milk or cream, and the thickener.


You can make chowder shrimp according to your own preference, recipe, convenience and location. The creamy shrimp chowder is very satisfying to the belly especially when you serve hot.


How To Make Chowder Shrimp From Scratch.

The best ingredients for your chowder shrimp dish are fresh ones. Although, you can use the frozen shrimp in the absence of fresh ones. One of my favorite recipes is the fresh shrimp. You can get your shrimp chowder recipe from stores around you or a nearby supermarket.

Personally, I love to get my ingredients from the Newport Chowder Company instead of scouting around for ingredients. It's better and safer.


Here is a great recipe summary;

1.  ½ cup of neatly sliced celery.


2.  1½ tablespoons of bacon fat


3.  8 ounces of diced cream cheese.


4. ¼ cup of neatly diced onions.


5.  ½ cup of milk


6. 1 ½ cups of neatly diced potatoes.


7. ½ Pound of frozen shrimp (preferably deveined shrimp). There's also the juicy shrimp, or the creamy shrimp variety.


8. 1 tablespoon each of salt and pepper, bay seasoning, bay leaf, fresh herbs, old bay seasoning, garlic powder, green onions, black pepper.


9. ⅛ pound frozen chicken (optional)


Directions Instructions Checklist Step.

Instructions Checklist Step 1

- Ground black pepper.


- Remove the shrimp shells from the shrimp


Step 2

Cooking Procedures

- In a large pot, saute onions and celery in bacon fat for about 2 mins under medium heat.


- In another separate large pot, cook the chicken under medium heat into a chicken stock or a chicken broth.


- Add milk and cream cheese to the sauteed onions and celery, stir continuously over low heat until the cream cheese melts completely. You can make use of a Dutch oven.


- Make a shrimp soup or shrimp stock out of the shrimp. Ensure you bring it to a boil. Once it is boiled, reduce heat completely to avoid overcooking.


- In a medium pot, make the Salt and pepper, bay seasoning, bay leaf, fresh herbs, old bay seasoning, garlic powder, green onions, and the ground black pepper into a hot sauce.


-Add potatoes, add shrimp, cooked chicken, chicken broth, and hot sauce. Ensure stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon to avoid burning.


- Cook for 1 more minute.


- Serve immediately and serve hot. (I love to use a paper towel-lined plate).


Health Benefits Of The Chowder Shrimp.

1. Good For The Heart.

Shrimp is good for the heart. Just like most kinds of seafood, Shrimp is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known to prevent the heart from various illnesses and diseases as well as improve blood circulation in the heart. Regular consumption of Shrimp is very beneficial for the heart.


2. Rich In Vitamins (Especially B12).

Shrimp is a very wonderful source of vitamins, especially vitamin B12. It is extremely important for the body to get enough and a regular supply of vitamin B12. This is because any little deficiency of this vitamin could lead to various problems like anemia. Researchers have also proven that long-term deficiency of vitamin B12 could result in brain damage.


3. Improves overall skin appearance.

The antioxidants present in Shrimps are useful for improving skin health and its overall appearance better. Shrimps are beneficial for both dry and oily skin. It also helps to control active white blood cells and accelerates wound healing.


4. Helpful In the Prevention Of Cancer.

The majority of deaths in the world are caused by Cancer. This is why it is very essential to be careful about the foods you eat. Shrimp is one of the major foods that help fight and prevent cancer. It is rich in selenium. Selenium is known to prevent cancer cells from growing.


5. Improves Youthfulness and Agility.

We all love to remain as youthful and young as possible. Shrimps contain vitamin E. The vitamin E present in shrimps is helpful for a healthy-looking, youthful and agile appearance. Smooth skin is a sign of beauty. Vitamin E has also been proven to prevent wrinkles.


6. Great Muscle Builder

Well-built muscles are necessary for carrying out various physical tasks. The body needs protein to build muscles. Shrimps contain sufficient amounts of protein. Shrimps are also low in carbs, unlike other protein sources. There is 15.0 g worth of protein for about every 100g of Shrimp. Consumption of shrimp from time to time keeps the muscles well-toned.


7. Strengthens Body Immunity.

The high level of Zinc present in Shrimps is also good for improving immune health. It is a very good treatment for dead cells and body tissues. It also helps the inner functions of the white blood cells.




Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes. Truth is, a lot of people are allergic to shrimp.  These allergies do vary. Shrimps may cause tingling in the mouth, nasal congestion or even skin reactions after eating it. Some people with allergies to Shrimp may have digestive issues, as well. It is always important to discuss with your physician.




What Do People Say Concerning Chowder Shrimp?

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It is, however, difficult to conclude if these Chowder dishes meet accessibility guidelines. Opinions about this dish are diverse and not fixed.




Chowder Shrimp is a great delicacy. It remains one of my favorite recipes. It has a rich flavor and taste and is good for any weather. When do you hope to try it?

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