Seafood spices By The Newport Chowder Company, RI

Seafood spices By The Newport Chowder Company, RI

Newport Chowder Spice Packets

Seafood is known as one of the healthiest and appealing dishes. It's a great Mediterranean delicacy food that is served in different ways and meals. In addition to that, it's a fancy food served in big restaurants and hotels, so if you are planning on a date with your loved one, then you might consider trying it for your special dinner.

However, while preparing seafood dishes, adding seafood spice to the seafood recipes is the real deal. Not only does it spice up your food, but it turns everything into a mouth-watering moment.

There are several types of seafood spices used to prepare seafood delicacies. Below is an outline of different kinds of seafood spices by the Newport Chowder Company.

Seafood Spices And Seafood Seasoning In Newport Chowder Company, Rhode Island

There are different techniques you can use to make a perfect blend to season your fish or shrimp. Using a mix of savory and aromatic spices is one way to make a mind-blowing irresistible flavor. It can be used on shrimps and salmon to give a very mouth-watering taste. Additionally, it can also be used on roasted veggies to provide them with a very fantastic taste. The spice packets from Newport Chowder Company in Rhode Island will make your meals really appetizing.

Ways To Make Seafood Chowder

Newport Chowder Spice Packets

Making seafood seasoning isn't rocket science. There are numerous methods you can use to get your perfect spice blends. Firstly, you can try and make the popular and the best dry rub for fish and seafood in Rhode Island.

Here is a quick and simple recipe.


  • One pack of Newport Chowder Company's "secret spices."
  • One lemon for zesting
  • Olive oil or melted butter



Place the spices into a bowl and mix them well to make a lovely spice blend

  • Sprinkle olive oil or melted butter over your seafood of choice
  • Add lemon zest to make a flavorful taste
  • Sprinkle spices over seafood to make a fantastic taste
  • Cook or grill and e enjoy your meal


Prep Time

The total time: less than 5 minutes

Serving Size: 3 tablespoons of dry rub

Ways To Use The Spice Packs For Seafood Seasoning

Newport Chowder Spice Packets

The seasoning recipe is meant to add more flavor to your food . Seafood seasoning is exceptionally designed for fish, but you can also use it on your veggies to make them tastier.

So, where do you use some seafood seasoning? 

Below are several ways to get you started.


You can use seafood seasoning to sprinkle on grilled shrimp or sautéed shrimp over the top to add more flavor.


To make a tasty salmon, add seafood seasoning to your baked or the cedar plank salmon for a delicious taste.

Homemade Seafood Seasoning Recipe

Making good seafood seasoning is very simple. There are many ways you can come up with a spice that best suits your fish dishes. You can choose to make it with grilled fish or even fish fillet. Here is an example of a spice blend that best uses seafood spices for seafood seasoning.

  • Smoked Paprika or even sweet Paprika
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Thyme
  • Celery Seed
  • Cumin
  • Allspice
  • Celery Salt


Mix them in a small bowl and use them for your dish. You can even put the remaining spices in an airtight container for use in your next dish.

How To Keep Your Seafood Spices Fresh For Long

How you keep your spices is very important. Storing your spices properly allows them to stay fresh for longer. This means you will use them for the longest time and even save you a lot of money in the long run. Homemade seafood spices can be stored for a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

Below are various ways to ensure your spices remain fresh and have a long-lasting flavor for your seasoning recipes.

Use The Right Container For Herbs And Seasonings

There are several factors to consider while choosing the correct container for your herbs and spices. As much as you put more effort into selecting an attractive container to place your spices, it's essential to always look at the vital aspects.

Consider storing your spices in an airtight container, in a dark and cool area such as a pantry. This is the first step of ensuring our spices have a longer shelf life.

Store Somewhere Free From Humidity

While it may be so convenient to store your spice container in a cupboard or above the stove, you will need to find another better space free from a lot of moisture. The moisture from steaming pots results typically in a lot of humidity in your kitchen, therefore, decreasing the shelf life of your spices. Humidity can also lead to the clumping of your spices, making them more vulnerable to mold.

Check Your Spices For Taste And Smell

You don't want to ruin your meal by putting that spice that no longer has that tasteful flavor. To prevent that from happening to you, it's always crucial to keep checking the taste and smell of your spices.

Purchase What You Will Realistically Use

Don't be that person who buys a warehouse-sized container of spice only to use them once in a blue moon. It may be very economical to purchase spices in small containers in quantities that you will realistically use to make your favorite recipe. This will also save you money in the long run.

Benefits Of Seafood To Your Health

Even as we strive to make good savory meals, it's good to know all the benefits of eating seafood. There are so many great benefits of eating seafood that can help fuel your mind and body.

Below is an overview of the benefits of taking a Mediterranean diet.

Seafood Is Filled With Nutrients

Seafood is packed with a lot of nutrients, including vitamin A and vitamin B complex. Tuna fish, for instance, is very good with vitamin D, which is very useful to our bones and our immune system.

It Boosts The Brain

The omega 3 in seafood is very beneficial to our brain. It aids in brain growth in infants as well as children. It helps boost cognitive function for ageing women and lower the risk of getting diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease.

It's Good For Your Heart

Heart health is significant to everyone. Seafood has a high protein content and low saturated fat. The omega 3s in seafood aids with heart health, therefore reducing the risk of cardiovascular occurrences.

Seafood Helps Maintain Good Eyesight

It's all about the omega-three fatty acids in seafood that helps maintain a good vision and prevent vision decline. It's also good to note that seafood is also great for boosting night vision.


The spice packets by Newport Chowder Company is everything you would wish for. The packs come with Muriel's award-winning seafood chowder recipe. The spice pack has an actual serving of 10-12 people. These packets are very shelf-sustainable, so you don't have to worry about the method of storage. Make sure to grab a spice packet to take your seafood meals experience to the next level.

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