Cooking Gifts

Cooking Gifts

When you are trying to come up with great gift ideas to surprise someone you consider as a home cook, you want to get them something that is practical and personal. I won't lie, coming up with the perfect cooking gift may be overwhelming and confusing. You want them to feel appreciated for the effort they put in preparing delicious and tasty meals.

Whether you are gifting aspiring chefs or professional ones, this article got you covered with great ideas of kitchen gifts you could choose.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Gift For A Home Cook


You need to choose a cooking gift that reflects the personality of the loved one. They need to connect with the gift you choose for them. A gift that they use frequently during the time they are behind that kitchen counter will be most appropriate. Cooking gifts that the chefs connect with will do perfectly.


You need to choose cooking gifts that are unique. Be a little extra with the cooking gifts that you choose. Choose a cooking gift that the person you are gifting doesn't own. Newport Chowder Company here in Rhode Island will have that perfect gift you need.


You do not want to get your home cook gifts that are of poor quality only for them to get spoilt as soon as they are used. Shop for high-quality gifts that will be used for quite a long time than expected. You do not want to find your gift in the trash bin just because it got spoilt, broken, or tore out during use. Get something that the chefs will remember you for years. Remember, the aim is to make sure the kitchen gift plays its sole purpose.


The whole purpose of getting to buy great gifts is for remembrance and the gifts acting as souvenirs. You want to buy a gift that you will be remembered for every time they use your gift while in the kitchen.


Lastly, you need to choose cooking gifts that are inspiring. You need to choose a gift that will encourage the person to continue with the great work they do and encourage them to go higher with their cooking skills. For instance, you may get them a cooking gig with paid commissions maybe from Newport Chowder company. This may encourage them to pursue further and even learn more recipes from the gig.

Some Of The Top Best Cooking Gifts In 2021 You May Consider Buying From Newport Chowder Company

Newport Chowder Spice Pack

Top on our list is the Newport Chowder spice pack. The seafood chowder spices have been Newport Chowder Company's family secret for over 30 years. The spice packets from Newport Chowder Company include Muriel's award-winning seafood chowder recipe which can serve 10-12 per packet.

This is a perfect gift as the spices are shelf-stable and they are delicious. Newport Chowder Company is best known for putting the spices in dressings, marinades to name a few. This gift set typically comes with five Newport Chowder Co Spice Packets.

A Cookbook

A cookbook is a book that contains recipes and more information regarding the preparation and cooking of any type of food. Newport Chowder Company has brought back Muriel's "Behind Newport Doors" cookbook for those who may wish to purchase it and is only available for a limited time. This may be a perfect kitchen gift as the person you are gifting will acquire more cooking skills and ideas. A cookbook is very memorable since the person will be able to use it for a long time while in the kitchen preparing meals either for the family or customers.

Options to order the cookbook as a gift set include a signed cookbook, a cooking thermometer, and award-winning seafood chowder spices.

Customized Mugs

Most home cooks, if not all, are pretty familiar with Newport Chowder Company so getting a signature Newport Chowder Company mug will be a great deal for them. Such customized mugs are inspiring to any chef who dreams of owning a company, restaurant, or even work for the Newport Chowder Company. So, every time they enjoy their morning coffee in this beautiful customized mug, it is a reminder of their goals as chefs.

Gift Cards

You may also choose to gift that one friend with Newport Chowder Company's gift cards. The gift cards may hold special words that you may wish them to have. This could be a thank you note, an encouragement note, or something else that you may wish it to have.

A Wooden Chef's Spoon

A wooden chef's spoon from Newport Chowder Company may also be a great gift choice. A wooden spoon may be exactly what a chef may need while cooking dishes. Newport Chowder Company wooden spoons are highly durable and of good quality. They are able to withstand the thickest of soups, hot sauce, or stews. It is the perfect wooden gift for a chef.

A cooking thermometer

Why would a home cook need a cooking thermometer from Newport Chowder Company? Well, this is to ensure the safety as well as to determine the doneness of cooked foods. This is mostly done at the end of the cooking right before the food is ready to serve. A cooking thermometer is an important tool that any chef needs to have so considering it as a gift is a good idea.

Tea Towels

They are also known as dish towels and are primarily used for drying dishes. Newport Chowder Company's tea towels are the best and also perfect for gifting someone. They are the best gifts because they are purely made of cotton and include a hanging loop which gives a chef the chance to hang them on the walls of their kitchen space.

Instant Pots

An instant pot is an electronically controlled slow cooker and pressure cooker. Instant pots may be used to make rice and to steam vegetables. It is an all-in-one device that home cooks may use while preparing meals as it prepares meals in no time. Instant pots are good as they use less heat energy and less water. They are good for disposing of cooking oils which is bad for both men's and women's health.

Stainless Steel Paring Knife

Paring knives for your home cooks is a type of gift that they will use every time they prepare their dishes. From cutting veggies, cutting meat, slicing fruit, and desserts, and many more. You also want to make sure the pairing knives are of stainless steel. you do not want to get your friend knives that will only end up staining. A three-piece set of knives or more will be perfect.

Summing Up!

Every chef needs a treat for a good job of tantalizing our taste buds with delicious food. There is a wide variety of gifts that you could choose from the Newport Chowder Company to gift that home cook you've got in mind. Let them feel appreciated for the interest and passion they have by gifting them with these fantastic products from our company. They feed us with tasty meals so let's pamper them with cooking gifts as well!

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